Christopher Jones Magalona

WordPress Developer and Digital Project manager

My name is Christopher Jones Magalona, and I’ll help you with your business in many ways, including project management, budget optimization, website development, operations, metrics, and team.


Project Management

I will bring my years of experience and a new perspective to every project. To assist you, I will use cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and clear communication.


Maintain your focus on your business while we assist you with ongoing website design, or website maintenance, and/or content creation.


Content Writing

On-demand access to high-quality content. Purchase compelling long-form articles that effectively communicate your brand’s message to your audience and improve your SEO rankings.


Website Development Basic

WordPress: The Force that Is Unstoppable

WordPress is the best option for companies that want the most extraordinary authority, flexibility, and affordability in their websites. Most experienced professional developers have gained

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