Project Management Professionals; What’s Next?


Deciding to pursue a profession as a project manager may be one of the most innovative and most timely moves you execute. According to the PMI or Project Management Institute, the world’s largest certifying organization for project managers, the world economy will require 25 million additional project experts through 2030. It implies that 2.3 million individuals will have to join PMOE or project management-oriented employment yearly to meet demands.

Then, after you’ve decided that it is the professional path you want, what are the following steps? Here are some tips on how to make a rewarding project management career.

Pick the project management approach that is best suitable for you.

The opportunities for project managers are limitless. If you haven’t done it yet, you’ll have to determine the kind of projects which attract you the most.

If you are a “techie,” maybe projects related to software development or information technology might be a suitable match. Or perhaps you’re more interested in supervising big corporate building projects. The distinction between construction projects and technology is very significant – needing a specific set of skills, methods, and training – and therefore, this is a critical choice to make before proceeding.

However, suppose you are currently employed in your desired sector. In that case, you will have an edge since many businesses operate internally first before seeking external applicants. Consult your manager beforehand about your career objectives. They must be prepared to connect you with the appropriate teams and collaborate to create a transition strategy and timetable that fits everyone.

When you’re considering a career change into an area where you lack expertise, consider joining industry-specific conferences and interacting with experienced individuals who can offer insight. Because certain businesses may need industry expertise, it’s advantageous to establish connections that can assist you in making your first step towards your goal.

Invest in certification in project management

After gaining significant job experience, the following appropriate step is to apply for certification in project management. Accreditation has numerous advantages, including increased PM reputation, more employment possibilities, and added value to your company. As per Simplilearn, a significant certification training provider, project management is regarded as a critical component of excellent performance by greater than 90% of institutions.

Additionally, obtaining a certification results in a better income. As per PMI’s most current Project Management Salary Survey, PMP holders earn 25% more than non-PMP holders in the United States.

To help you begin, here are a few certification resources:

Maintain knowledge with the most recent techniques and tools

Throughout your profession as a project manager, you should be adaptable to changing patterns, such as new ways of project implementation and technology. It will ensure that your talents remain highly desirable to companies searching for a rockstar project manager.

Additionally, renewal of certification will need ongoing education and training to guarantee that you can fulfill project and market expectations. Several more methods to maintain learning during your job include the following:

  • Make an effort to connect with and eventually learn with fellow project managers who come from various experiences and backgrounds.
  • Work with your local unit of a PM group. 
  • Participate and assist in conversation forums on project management on online sites.
  • Join connecting activities for project managers, such as lunch meetings. 
  • Staying informed by subscribing to project management websites or magazines is a great idea.
  • Utilize free demos to get acquainted with renowned, industry-specific PM tools.

There are numerous factors why individuals worldwide pursue a profession in project management. Project management is the career for you if you enjoy assisting teams in overcoming obstacles and barriers. To make the company proud, a project manager must meet all partner and client expectations.

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